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D3 VIP - Vitamin D3 Supplements for Strong Bones

D3 VIP - Vitamin D3 Supplements for Strong Bones

Give your bones VIP treatment with "D3 VIP"!

Healthy bones = healthier you. You can only walk, run and work fast with healthy bones. Weak bones can make you feel old and incapable of working hard.

While food plays a key role in providing nutrients to your bones, these nutrients might not fulfill the daily recommended value. This is where food supplements help out.

"D3 VIP" is a premium graded vitamin D3 supplement enriched in vitamin D3 and calcium. It is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients required for maximizing your bone health.


What is vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 belongs to the family of fat-soluble vitamins. It is also known as the sunshine vitamin. The body produces vitamin D3 with exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D3 foods are very limited so it is very important to take vitamin supplements to fulfill the daily recommended value. Otherwise it can lead to bone deformity and many other severe diseases.

Vitamin D3 is known for its unique properties. Vitamins are essential for the body which means the body cannot produce them on its own and they can only be taken through food and supplements. Vitamin D3 is different because the body can synthesize it in the presence of light.

It is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, bone health, muscle growth, and development. It works with calcium to improve bone health and prevent deformities such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia.


How “D3 VIP” can help you

A recent survey disclosed that 40% of Americans have vitamin D3 deficiency. Several conditions like smoking, obesity, diabetes, aging, regular use of sunscreen, and less exposure to the sun may lead to vitamin D3 deficiency.

"D3 VIP'' helps to fulfill the daily recommended value of vitamin D3. This super grade supplement having vitamin D3 and Vitamin K as a key nutrient strengthens the bones, improves calcium absorption, enhances heart health, boosts the immune system, and promotes digestion.




"D3 VIP" is all in one package. Besides its nutritional benefits, it also helps to reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis, decrease the risk of developing heart disease, reduce the possibilities of developing flu.

Vitamin D3 helps in Calcium absorption

Vitamin D3 is crucial for healthy bones. It helps to regulate calcium and maintain phosphorus levels in the blood. Calcium is a crucial mineral for healthy bones.

"D3 VIP'' helps the intestine to stimulate, absorb and reabsorb calcium leading to the maintenance of calcium concentration. It also helps to prevent osteomalacia (softening of the bones) and osteoporosis.


Vitamin D3 helps to reduce depression

Vitamin D3 helps to regulate mood and prevent depression. A scientific study concludes that vitamin D3 supplements improve the symptoms of vitamin D3.


Vitamin D3 promotes weight loss

If you are working to shed off pounds, try using "D3 VIP" to promote weight loss. It will also help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease in obese people.


How to use “D3 VIP”

  • It is recommended to take 3 tablets daily with each meal. The best approach is to chew the supplement thoroughly.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose without the consult of a healthcare professional.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place
  • Pregnant ladies, children under 18, or people having medical conditions must consult healthcare professional before the taking.