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The Top 5 Black-Owned Supplement Brands

The Top 5 Black-Owned Supplement Brands

When you think about nutrition and dietary supplements, what images come to mind? Do you notice many different ethnicities or are there mostly one or two? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over one-third of the population of the U.S. is Black or African-American, but yet the vitamin and supplement industry is dominated by non-black-owned businesses.

There are many benefits to taking supplements. One of the most important reasons to take supplements is to get the nutrients your body is lacking. Another important reason, especially for vegans and vegetarians, is to get nutrients that aren’t included in plant-based meals. 

We know that African Americans have unique genetics, needs, and patterns when it comes to health. That’s why we took the liberty of curating the Top 5 Black-Owned Supplement Brands:

Woodlawn Avenue

What’s fun without our health and wellbeing? That’s why Woodlawn Avenue focuses on offering high-quality products that support a healthy lifestyle and make living fun. Woodlawn Avenue connects its customers to a wide range of premium supplements, home, bath, and beauty products, and other general items to help them live their best lives. Woodlawn Avenue’s product range features its very own proprietary brands as well as brands from other small minority-owned businesses. Shop Now. 

Problk Health Vitamins

This company started as a passion project for a couple that wanted to give back to their community. The founder, who is also a doctor, knows firsthand the significant health disparities within the black community. Today, Problk Health Vitamins promote health and healing in the black community. 

BODY Complete RX

From their health to beauty supplements, Body Complete RX offers a complete range of plant-based products specifically designed to meet your individual wellness needs so you can discover what it is like to look and feel your best and truly start living! Whether it's a healthy meal on the go, better energy throughout the day, an easier way to relax into bedtime, or a single pill to ensure you're getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to be your best, we've got a solution for you!

Black Edged 

This company is a 100% Black-owned supplement company that manufactures non-GMO products that are scientifically formulated to meet the health and lifestyle needs of Black people around the world. Recognizing the correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and chronic disease in Black people specifically; was the tipping point for Black Edged.

Fit Over 40

This company developed a line of health supplements for men who are over the age of forty, especially those that work out often. The founder of Fit Over 40 believes in healthy eating, taking supplements, and daily movement is the medicine and fuel that make your body ageless and enables a person to have a good quality of life without serious illness as they age.


The human body is made up of nutrients. However, it does not produce these nutrients, instead, it absorbs them from food. This means that if you are not eating the right nutrient-rich foods, you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs, which can lead to illness, discomfort, fatigue, and even death. If you are looking for a way to improve your health, then you should consider supplements. With supplements, you'll be able to have better nutrition, have more energy, and feel healthier. Not all supplements are the same, so do your research to make sure you are getting the best. We hope you enjoyed our blog about why you should take supplements.

Every year African American businesses account for over $600 billion in revenue and employ more than 2 million people. Still, there is more work to be done. When you support black-owned businesses, you not only support black families, but also the communities you live in.