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About Us | Woodlawn Avenue

Helping our customers find the everyday items to live their best lives (and make that time fun)

What’s fun without our health and wellbeing? That’s why we focus on offering high-quality products that support a healthy lifestyle and make living fun.

We connect our customers to a wide range of premium supplements, home, bath, and beauty products, and other general items to help them live their best lives. Our product range features Woodlawn Avenue’s proprietary brands as well as brands from other small minority-owned businesses.



Our Mission & Values

Our mission and values are who we are and at the core of everything we do. They represent our commitment to doing everything possible to serve our customers and help the business owners who trust us with their dreams.


Our Mission

Woodlawn Avenue’s mission is to enhance customer access to high-quality products that support health and wellbeing.


Our Values

Woodlawn Avenue is guided by 4 core principles: being relatable, innovative, unique, and trustworthy.

Our ability to empathize with our customers means we can provide the products they need with service that they’ll love. We consistently try to improve our product offerings through innovation that can improve the lives of our customs.

Our brands are unique and easily recognizable. We are a customer-centric company ensuring that our customers can depend on our products and enjoy every purchase.

Our Standards

(aka that’s not coming into this house)

Enjoying life begins with taking care of our health and wellness. That’s why we focus on only providing the kind of products we would want to have in our homes. So, if we wouldn’t use it or recommend it to our dear friends and family, you won’t find it here.

Our Business

Our business has two arms, because we like to do things a little bit differently. We create and manage our own proprietary products, and we help other minority-owned businesses handle the “fun” side of launching a new product to a wider audience.


Our Brands

From our Epic Wig supplement that promotes hair growth and health via Biotin to Hasta La Vista Chubby, for weight loss, we continue to grow our range of products.

Our Woodlawn Avenue brands are carefully tested so you can be confident in our products to meet and exceed quality requirements.

The Woodlawn Avenue Brands


 Woodlawn Avenue interview by WBB.




Working With Small Minority-Owned Businesses

Who doesn’t love the process of bringing a new product to market? Well, we do, and we’re pretty good at it.

We admit it can be a tedious process. So, as our goal is to help other small businesses grow, we assist small business owners with product packaging, labeling, UPCs (barcodes), and trademarks to get their business to market faster.

We are committed to providing opportunities for small business owners who appreciate the idea of bringing value to their customers to grow their product lines. So, get ready for your brand to show up confidently with Woodlawn Avenue in your corner.

If you believe your product will add immense value to our customers and you’re committed to delivering quality every time, let’s talk about getting your products ready, packaged, and into the hands of your new customers.

Some of Our Product Faves