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Based on 25 reviews
Great Product for your focus

Thankyou for allowing me to try this wonderful product it worked for me but I am allergic to soy and any soy base products. Its tolerable but i wont continue the risk.

Great All Natural Vitamins

Thank you for making a vitamin that is easy on the stomach and provides so many health benefits!! We truly are feeling better since starting our daily regimen with your vitamins!! Amazing products!!!

Great All Natural Vitamins

These Vitamins are the best and my daughter and I love them. They give the much needed energy and are wonderful for our overall health!!


I am normally a person who gets all of their vitamins from the food they eat, but I am trying to kick it up notch for a triathlon, so I needed to lose some weight to help on my knees, I choose this company because it is a small minority owned business and since my food intake is smaller I needed a good multi to help. The pills are great. I rarely get hungry and have a lot more energy (probably because of the Pep Step 100, but I feel great and better than before. I would recommend these to anybody, 5 stars

I really like these

Although there are 3 vitamins to take daily, I really like them and feel they are helping me feel more healthy and whole.

Best I've ever tried!

Finally, there is a hair, skin and nail supplement that really works for me! No more break-outs for my skin, and my hair is thriving at the rate that I really will have an Epic Wig! And even though I wasn't going for long nails, they are growing at a rate, that I am clipping them on a weekly basis. A really appreciate Woodlawn Avenue!

Fairy Dust - Nourishes Your Skin, Helps Grow Strong and Healthy Nails and Hair Fast.
Love it!

It works best for me by simply dissolving in hot water, and drinking like warm milk. I love the taste of the hint of coconut. I notice my skin is looking smoother. Good stuff!!

really works

i was using this every night for about three days when i started to notice i was losing a pound a day! i really don’t diet the way i should or have time to work out so i know once i implement more lifestyle changes this product will work even better and faster

Fairy Dust - Nourishes Your Skin, Helps Grow Strong and Healthy Nails and Hair Fast.
Courtney Harris
Love This Stuff!

So I've tried a lot of products that are meant for hair skin and nails, especially powder forms, and most are quite chalky tasting. But THIS stuff is great! It taste good and it dissolves wonderfully in my smoothies and coffee. I would highly recommend!

Everything you need in one jar and its healthy

Great combination of vitamins & herbs packed into one pill that helps improve your overall health.

Best Vitamins for Us!

I'm so proud to have these vitamins from Woodlawn and such great customer service and personable owner! Finally vitamins that are not full of harmful additives and from a Black-owned business. All my support for our people as entrepreneurs . Keep it up!

Try it

I've only been on these a week but I looked up the benefits of moringa so I'm hopeful that at my next hematologist appointment my numbers will be much improved..specifically the iron portion..I'm very hopeful that they will do what their intended too. I do feel more energetic though so that's a plus

It works!

I've been using these for a week and they absolutely work! They literally worked day stomach was all over the place and these gummies calmed it down day one. They taste great too! Will definitely buy more

Give it a try

I've been using this for a week now and I've definitely noticed that I fall asleep much faster..since it's only been a week no weight-loss yet but I'm hopeful.


I have only taken one dose so I dont know how well the pills work yet. I will give a review after 30 days.

Sleeping soon much better and longer hours. Will purchase again!

Decently tasting recipe for picking up heavy machinery

Pep Step 1000 is pretty good. Like I had 1 scope of the power which tasted like a super sweet raspberry Zevia soda, and like 15 min later, I felt like I could bench press a truck. Like a semi truck. Felt awesome! It only lasted about 4 or 5hrs. But I guess you wont be lifting for 5hrs anyway. Good job guys!

Hop Aboard the Brain Train - Enhances Mental Health, Elevates Mood, Increases Mental Focus, Delicious Cocoa Flavored Lion's Mane Mushroom Hericium erinaceus
Zachary H.
Good for IT Guys

Choo choo! This brain train powder is awesome! I had to google what Lion's Mane was. This powder has a crapload of it in there and I gotta say adding a scope if to my coffee every morning is great! I do Cisco networking and when you are putting mops together, or troubleshooting other team's server problems, you need focus. I will say that it has an "earthy" cocoa flavor to it. Not bad in my coffee. Will try it in a protein shake and see how it does. Other than that, this stuff is a godsend.

Pretty Good Multivitamin

This is a really good multivitamin. The label has a few whole food blends. You can tell there a ton packed into it based on the aroma (smells healthy ;-) ).